• Inherited Obsessions

    2023 Humanities and Social Sciences Award winner


    Laura de Harde, editor of the book Inherited Obsessions, won the award for Best Creative Collections: Exhibition Catalogue at the 2023 Humanities and Social Sciences Book, Creative Collection, and Digital Contribution Awards. Read more about her win here:

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  • South Africa's Easy Election Guide: Who To Vote For in 2024

    Don't know who to vote for in South Africa's 2024 elections?


    "Bauer published a handy election guide – South Africa's Easy Election Guide: Who To Vote For in 2024? – which aims to provide an easily accessible reference for South Africa’s eligible voters to refer to as they look for the political party that best represents their aspirations." – Thabi Shomolekae

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  • HumanEATies 100 Recipes

    HumanEATies 100 Recipes


    HumanEATies 100 Recipes wins Gourmand Award!

    HumanEATies topped the list in the B22 category, which recognises free books published by university presses. “The ESI Press team was on a team Zoom call when we found out that the book had won,” said Dr Heather Thuynsma. “We could hardly believe it. Needless to say, everyone did a little happy dance at their desks!”

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New Releases

Cover image of Reimagining Writing Centre Practices

Reimagining Writing Centres Practices: A South African Perspective

Avasha Rambiritch (ed), Laura Drennan (ed)
20 December 2023

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