HumanEATies 100 Recipes


Faculty of Humanities
Alecia Samuels
Vasu Reddy


The Faculty of Humanities at the University of Pretoria (UP) published this cookbook to celebrate its 100 anniversary.

HumanEATies is a cookbook, not a recipe book, as it has academic resonance, and is not a mere collection of recipes. Like many academic endeavours, it is a transdisciplinary project, with all the recipes tested by final-year Hospitality and Consumer Food Sciences students in the Faculty of Natural and Agricultural Sciences.  

The idea for this cookbook was born, of course, while eating, specifically while enjoying breakfast with staff from the Centre for Augmentative and Alternative Communication. Who knew that from those first tentative conversations, a creation of such deliciousness would emerge from our colleagues in the Faculty of Humanities? Many of these recipes were sourced during the COVID-19 pandemic lockdown when cooking and baking seemed to present a welcome distraction from the uncertainties going on in the world. With this publication, the Faculty of Humanities has shown that there is more to being an academic than just teaching and research and that some wonderfully creative foodies are occupying our spaces. 




7 December 2022


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