Fiction and Fable: Tales of Time-Series


Johan Ferreira (ed)
Seite Makgai (ed)


Statistics, fiction, time-series


Embark on a captivating journey through the enchanting world of time-series analyses with Fiction and Fable: Tales of Time-Series. This extraordinary collection of short stories, penned by undergraduate students from the prestigious Department of Statistics at the University of Pretoria, brings to life the fascinating concepts taught in the time-series analysis syllabus. What began as a mere optional assignment evolved into a remarkable book of stories that blend the realms of creativity and statistics. Stories such as The Shepherd and the Wolf or The Tale of the ARMA Warriors transport readers to the moments of comfort and delight that fables and fairytales hold for all. The fusion of imagination and analytical thinking invites readers to explore a magical realm where mathematical models intertwine with storytelling. Join us on a literary adventure where Fiction and Fable meet the captivating world of time-series, proving that the magic of storytelling knows no bounds.


  • Foreword
    Johan Ferreira, Seite Makgai
  • Stationaryville and the Two Brothers
    Lebogang Malebati
  • The Tales of Archibald Rubenstein
    Jaydean Botha
  • The Drunkard's Walk Prince
    Mayurie Pandaram
  • Twisted Romance on AR(2)
    Jwalane Noko
  • The Chronicles of a Stationarnian Living in a Whole New World
    Thato Magano
  • The Shepherd and the Wolf
    Nelis Daniels
  • The Wolf and the Three Kids
    Tiffany Harzon
  • The Dark World
    Ewan Botha
  • Can you Cross the Bridge?
    Ndango Kutama
  • The Tale of the ARMA Dynasty
    Santino del Fava
  • Series Temporali
    Tanya Kleingeld
  • The ARIMA
    Dylan Cuyler
  • The Masked Trend of All Time
    Mbekezeli Mazibuko
  • Zt and the Shadow-spawn
    David Dodkins
  • Differencing Society
    Oghenefejiro Arek-Bawa
  • Downtown Braamfontein
    Dikelede Motseleng
  • The Osama and the Mashigo Stone
    Ndabeni Mokoena
  • The Tale of the ARMA Warriors
    Levasen Reddy
  • Test to Train-Stationary
    Katlego Tjeane
  • Clones in Seattle
    Ziyanda Khumalo
  • The Johanistan Murder Case
    Lute Munzhedzi
  • The Story of Aria and Her ARIMAS
    Ziyaad Lundell
  • Curing Non-stationarity in the TSA
    Stephanus Geyser
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13 December 2023

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